About Us has an All New look and feel.  Due to popularity and a deluge of request has split into two websites.  One website (the original will be dedicated to bringing financial information to your finger tips.  Current financial headline news will be posted along with links to coveted websites; improving acquisition of pertinent information in your busy schedule.  Additional information such as spreadsheets, presentations, training material, graphs, charts, and discussions will be available for download on a verity of topics ranging from ALM (Asset Liability Management), Profitability, Interest Rate Risk, Monte Carlo simulation, Computer Modeling, and regression analysis.

The second website is housed on (this website). This site is dedicated to providing fun and interesting items for acquaintances, friends, and family. The site houses photographs of Chicago Cub games I have attended, several ballpark tours, a verity of vacations, and lots of photographs of the great outdoors!  Hopefully you will agree the general theme of can be summed up by Dr. Seuss “From there to here, and here to there, funny things are everywhere”. (for those of you familiar with prior to the conversion, you will be delighted to find all the same goodies as before, just slightly more organized…hopefully)

About The Transformation
Started at the end of the first quarter 2008, when server space was becoming critical and request for additional information reached a climax.  To accommodate demands, split into two; and underwent a phased-rollout in the second quarter of 2008.  The first step was locating additional server space on 1&1 web hosting.  Then was put into place in several steps; followed shortly by rolling out the all new

About What Two Websites
Yea, your heard right! split in two (although Vegas had 3-to-1 odds my pants would split first).



About Why
Space, request, quality, cost, and focus (you remember Michael Porter & “Focused Differentiation Strategy”)!